In support of the Taumarunui Womens Expo the Snowzone girls took to the catwalk with our new snow gear. Here they are waiting for their big entrance. Thanks heaps to Caroline, Tereza, Lisa, Tina and her wonderful girls, Jaed-Lynn, Grace and Stevie.
  2. STUNNING NEW GOGGLES by Erryn Donaldson
    Amazing new technology goggles in stock now.  Be the first to wear these on the mountain. 
  3. CHECK OUT OUR NEW GEAR by Erryn Donaldson
    So we are unpacked and ready for business.  Still more gear to come in but have a look at what we've already set up for this season.
  4. NEW STOCK ARRIVING DAILY by Erryn Donaldson
    Our staff are hard at work unpacking our new 2017 stock ready for Queens Birthday Weekend Opening
  5. WHAT A WEEKEND FOR SNOW!! by Erryn Donaldson
    Got to love the met service they advised snow in National Park around 3pm Saturday and it started around 2.45pm.  was a great teaser for the winter season and for our opening Queens Birthday weekend.
  6. STAYING PUT!! by Erryn Donaldson
    We are not moving this season.  We are staying put at the original Roy Turners Snowzone for another season.  2 x cyclones and a bad summer didn't help our building project, so we have put that on hold until the summer and focusing on...
  7. WHAKAPAPA PROGRESS by Erryn Donaldson
    Headed up to the Whakapapa ski field (Mt Ruapehu) to see what was going on yesterday.  It was bitterly cold but the guys were out working in the wind keeping everything on track for the pending 3rd June opening of Happy Valley. ...
  8. ANOTHER PRFECT DAY!! by Erryn Donaldson
    What a perfect day today blue skies and sunshine, had that winter feel this morning -2 - feeling good
  9. WINTER 2017 by Erryn Donaldson
    It feels like winter is on its way with a dusting of snow on the mountains last night and more due tonight. We are feeling it !! is now a balmy 4c and dropping. Good times ahead.
  10. Holidays!! by Tina
    HOLIDAYS YAY!!! We've had great weather so far and there is so much fun to be had!! We have snow forecast for this weekend so looking forward to an excellent week 2.
  11. Countdown!! by Tin
    Only 2 weeks till the holidays!! whoop whoop Bring on the snow and let the fun begin   
  12. WINTER SEASON 2016 by Tina
    NEW SEASON, NEW STOCK We are fully loaded so you can gear up for the season. CHECK OUT OUR RACK   Featuring: Rossignol, Armada, Head, Line and K2.  
  13. It's been snowing by Shona Forbes
    We got our first real dusting of snow last night (whoop whoop)   Winter is coming!  
  14. Open Season! by Dee
    The snow season is open on Mt Ruapehu with the snow makers busily at work every night. Currently the beginners areas are open and its a great time to bring your little ones down to learn how to ski, or even to take the family up sledding!...
  15. Still snowing by Lyall Crump
    So it's still snowing and we are still skiing.  The slopes are virtually empty.  The grooming is lasting till two but then again so are the legs!  The wider ski is a good option in the softer conditions.-c u up there LC 
  16. Hoots and hazards by Lyall Crump
    While people's thoughts tend towards spring into summer activities us that are here now are experiencing true winter conditions with snow, lots of snow.  Lots and lots of snow for when it clears, tomorrow!  Be careful you don't...
  17. Rock and, or rolling by Lyall Crump
    Rocking the school holidays means rolling down snowy slopes at mt. Ruapehu and what a first week that we've had!  New snow blue sky and many screams of delight from the kids.  Make sure you wear the right gear, if it's hot take...
  18. Spring clean by Lyall Crump
    New clean spring snow has boosted the base over two meters!  Us locals have skied our legs tired like old tyres.  It's a good time to check your gear for wear.  Bring your skiis and boards into Roy turners and get the team to...
  19. Punting pays off! by Lyall Crump
    If you took a punt on this Sunday well done, you probably voted national in too-winners.  Saturday was lost to winter but wake up to an all go snow report, and a national led government.  Just when we thought spring would drag on drably,...
  20. EPIC!! by Lyall Crump
    Yes Sir! yes it's been snowing hard on our mountain.  It's cold but quiet so what better time to bunk work and find some time for your soul.  Yesterday morning was soooo good and smooth and soft and sunny and quiet then...
  21. Going off like a rocket by Lyall Crump
    What a day Monday! empty slopes and clean cold snow.  What a difference cold air makes to the ski slopes.  This season still has a lot to offer so switch on and drop in to Roy Turners.  Get your edges sharpened basses waxed...
  22. Another eight days by Lyall Crump
    More sun more fun. a massive high has hit aotearoa giving us clear cool blue skies. Perfect weather for adventuring on the snow.  The crater is calling!  If you haven't been to the top of the mountain then this is the time to...
  23. Variety the spice of life by Lyall Crump
    Variety the spice of life sick of one side of the mountain-go to the other side!  On the way grab a set of demo skis from Roy Turners to try.  The Rossi Hero will get heads turning and your feet!   Your eyes will be dazzled...
  24. Pumping base by Lyall Crump
    Eight days in a row!  With a pumping base of 2 meters means tired legs and some satisfied souls.  The soul seven seems to be the ski of the season drawing long lines in the snow and with spring brings softer conditions perfect for the...
  25. We're all about the base by Jesse Bramley
    Woohoo! we're super stoked and excited to see Ruapehu being punished by winter this week and cant wait to see the end results. With a 2m+ base approaching hopefully an awesome weekend is to come with it. The mountain staff are currently...
  26. IMPORTANT MESSAGE! by Jesse Bramley
    To all the airdogs, huckers, jibbers, leonards and meat torpedoes! We have the most nectar sweet, deliciously oscar range of Snowboards within the walls of Roy's at present and they all definately got YOUR name on them! We have the gnar...
  27. Don't be a Hoedad this season! by Jesse Bramley & Grace Griffin
    Don't be a hoedad this season! Get out there and shred! (snowboarding terminology that describes a person who hangs in the lodge when riding is epic) Unfortunately the last couple of days we have all been hoedads! No snow meant no...
  28. Our shop is your shop by Jesse Bramley
    The boxes plaguing Roy's have slowly diminished and disappeared leaving behind a jaw dropping array of the best looking and feeling apparel and hard wear! OUR shop is officially READY for 2014 season!!  A few slight tweaks in the...
  29. First Snows by Shona Forbes
    Over the past weeks locals, visitors and tourists alike were delighted with the dusting of snow that the weather graced our National Park Village with. With temperatures below freezing, heatpumps and fireplaces were all roaring in the village and...
  30. We're Open by Shona Forbes
    Snowzone in National Park will be open daily for the winter season from Queens birthday weekend onwards. We have been working frantically unpacking boxes of skis, boots and stock this week and loading in to systems and the online shop. We will be...